Social Thinking: Crash Course Psychology

I really enjoy watching the crash course videos on psychology, and I plan to start incorporating more of them in my blog.

In this video, Hank Green takes us through the basics of social psychology. I thought he had a great example about how how we see a situation differently in turn changes our perception about a group of people. Our political views can very well be influenced by how we perceive situations, like poor or homeless people. You can see them as lazy and looking for a handout, or as having a lack of educational and other opportunities like many of us receive. Politicians will try to use this in getting votes from people. As a voter, I think it’s more important that ever to listen to the facts and determine your own beliefs instead of letting them persuade you.

He also talked about how we naturally adapt to the roles we’re given. If you are assigned as a group leader for a project, it’s difficult to not feel more important than your group-mates. That’s probably why people often times misuse their high positions of power. I just find it insane how people are able to change to the point where they grossly dehumanize other people. Staying humble is incredibly important.


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