Why do people enjoy cliche movies?

longest ride

This past Saturday I went to see The Longest Ride, which is a movie adaptation of a book written by Nicholas Sparks. Sophia Danko (Britt Robertson) is a senior at Wake Forrest University in North Carolina who is majoring in art. Sophia is convinced by a sorority sister to attend a bull riding competition, where Luke Collins (Scott Eastwood) is competing as a bull rider. After a successful ride, Luke gives Sophia his hat, and they meet again later on that night.

They go on a date and hit it off, but Sophia breaks it off because she is planning to leave for an internship in New York in two months, and doesn’t think it’d be worth entering a relationship for that short of an amount of time. However, driving home in a rainstorm together they see a car wrecked off the rode, and Luke pulls an older man from his car and rescues him. Luke and Sophia both stay close with the man (Ira), and learned that he experienced a difficult relationship with the love of his like, Ruth. The movie goes back and forth between the story of Sophia and Luke, and the story of the (younger) Ira and Ruth. Sophia and Luke’s relationship is what you’d expect from a typical Nicholas Sparks movie. However I fell in love with Ira and Ruth’s relationship, there was amazing back story and great chemistry between the two actors. I also enjoyed how to two stories connected to each other, and the relationship between Ira and Sophia was very sweet to watch.


Overall I really enjoyed the movie, but it also got me thinking about why people enjoy cliche movies so much. Girl meets boy, they fall in love, have some issues, and end up happy. Our minds are preset to expect that to happen, but we still enjoy them. Why? Well, for most of us, we like to enjoy the fantasy world that many people will ever experience. We are drawn into a story that shows two people falling madly in love, and imagine it’s us.

I enjoy watching these movies because it takes me away from my own world and I’m put into an ideal fantasy world. Still, I don’t like when movies are too predictable. I like when the writers add in something unexpected to set it apart from other movies. In The Longest Ride, that twist is the backstory of Ira and Ruth. I really enjoyed the movie, and was impressed by how the two story lines related.


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