About This Blog


“The brain is wider than the sky.” This quote from Emily Dickinson explains why I chose to center my blog about psychology. When I studied psychology last year, I became so fascinated in discovering how the brain works. It is more complex than any supercomputer, no human can recreate it. Scientists are discovering more and more about the brain every day, and I look forward to keeping you informed about their discoveries. At times I will also write about an important discoveries made in the past, and how it’s shaped psychological studies in the present.

I will soon be applying to colleges, and I’m very interested in majoring in the psychology field. Hopefully some of you are as well, as I will also be writing about what the best way is to enter the psychology field in college. I will be talking about how to prep for college, for example what classes to take in high school and other ways to be well-prepared. I will also be showing you the best universities (in the United States and also around the word) that there are for you to attend.

Psychology, in my opinion, is a great topic to be well-informed about because it relates to everyone, we all have a brain (I hope). Essentially, the more you know about psychology the more you know about yourself. If you came here because you are interested in psychology, I hope this blog will inform and fascinate you, and maybe prepare you for the future. And if you came here with no interest in psychology, I hope I can show you how fascinatingĀ of a topic it really is.


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